Dr. Martin Korth

since 2021 research into scientifically tenable objective idealism/platonic realism and AI
since 2020 Scientific Director, IVV NWZ at U Muenster
2017-2020 Founder and CEO of Molecular Projects UG (AI for electrochemical energy storage)/
teaching at Heisenberg Gymnasium (DO) and Gymnasium St. Mauritz (MS)
2011-2017 Juniorprofessor for multiscale modeling in computational material science, U Ulm
2010-2011 Postdoc researcher with Walter Thiel (Theoretical Chemistry) at MPI Muelheim
2009-2010 Leopoldina postdoc researcher with Mike Towler (Theoretical Physics) at U Cambridge (UK)
2009 Postdoc researcher with Pavel Hobza (Theoretical Biochemistry) at Czech Academy of Sciences
2003-2009 Student and graduate assistent with Stefan Grimme, U Muenster

PhD Theoretical Chemistry with Stefan Grimme, U Muenster
Magister (Master) Philosophy, Literature and Historical Science

Computational research into molecular materials for electrochemical energy storage

45 Scientific publications, 2500+ citations, H-index 23, I-index 33 on scholar.google.com
Lectures and practical courses in computational chemistry at U Ulm
(Excellent teaching evaluation results with overall 4.85 out of 5 points on Meinprof.de)
since 2020 lectures and practical courses on scientfic computing at U Muenster
Supervision of 2 Phd students, 1 Master student
Reviewer for 30+ journals incl. Nature Chemistry/Energy, Chemical Reviews, Angewandte Chemie, and five funding institutions incl. ERC and DFG
More than 333.000 Euro DFG funding, postdoc/returnee stipends and several travel grants from Leopoldina, DFG and DAAD
Overall 38 invited, 19 contributed talks in US, UK, CN, DE, CH, A, IT, CZ, SVK

Research into scientifically tenable objecive idealism/platonic realism and AI:

(2022) Two comments on Chalmers classification of idealism, also on philpapers.org
(2022) Towards a scientifically tenable description of objective idealism, also on philpapers.org, or arxiv.org
(2022) A new interpretation of quantum theory, based on a bundle-theoretic view of objective idealism, also on philpapers.org, or arxiv.org
(2022) The purpose of qualia: What if human thinking is not (only) information processing?, also on philpapers.org, or arxiv.org
Motion, relativity and objective Idealism (forthcoming)

(2021) Beyond Materialism! - From artificial intelligence to the culture wars
Download the latest PDF version directly from here, or the EPUB file from here